Should I keep up with all the interior design trends?

We get this question asked of us all the time and the answer is really personal to the individual. Our view on this is that because interior design trends come and go, we only encourage including trends in your home design if a style really resonates with you and can be easily switched out.

We would never advise our clients to invest in expensive pieces that will soon become out of date. We know that trends come and go. It’s normal to want to want to follow all the current fads, but if you invest in expensive items like bold drapery or large, custom sofas just because it’s what’s being shown in all the style blogs, you may tire of it quickly.

Splurging on what’s in style for the season might make you feel like you are locked in to that particular style and hold you back from updating your space. That is, unless you find your “you” piece, a statement piece. Then we are all in!

We love this bright green sofa below as a statement piece!
Photo of emeral green sofa

So what can easily be switched out of a room?

Pieces that can be easily switched out of a room include wall art and home decor items, lamps, figurines, & shelving and frames, for example.

We are very passionate about living authentically and encouraging our clients to do so also. We encourage you to work towards creating a beautiful design space that resonates with you. If your goal is to have your home reflect you and your family, then we feel it’s more important to create your home’s interior design to help you live, feel, and love the style.

You can still add trendy pieces that you love to a room without overdoing it. However, without the guidance of a professional Interior Designer, too much of a good thing can create the opposite effect and make the room look dated.

When you are surrounded by a space that you love, it will enhance what you already feel about your home. This means that if you absolutely love an interior design trend that was considered “last year’s look, then you may want to put aside anyone else’s idea of what’s “in” and work on creating the space that you will ultimately cherish.


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